Saturday, April 26, 2014


Some one has told Time is money. In fact, time is more than money. You can get back the money but can you get back the time if it is lost?

If an opportunity comes and you loose it, can you be sure you will get the same opportunity. No! Certainly not!!Time is not recoverable. There is old saying “Time and Tide wait for none”. The beauty is that whether you like it or not, whether you choose it or not, time will pass and it will pass without saying anything. You might had heard people talking like “I joined this company 20 years ago and I don’t know how these twenty years have passed.” You will say the same words when you have spent your whole life, when you have become old, weak , not able to do anything and waiting for the inevitable death. “I spent my whole life without knowing how it passed.”
Would you like to die in the end repenting that why you did not do some worthy thing in life so that at the time of death you can die peacefully and satisfied?
Have you ever thought that everyday what you are doing is only putting you near to the final end of you because DEATH IS THE ONLY ULTIMATE TRUTH IN LIFE which is beyond doubt. You may be successful , unsuccessful, you may be happy or unhappy, you may be rich or poor , you may be bad or good ; one thing is certain that you will die one day.
But surprisingly knowing this fact very well people don’t realize it and they act as if they shall be always there.
Think on this!! When death is certain why not you should DO SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE WHICH SHALL MAKE YOU PROUD AND YOUR DEATH A CELEBRATION, a happy end of the precious life that God has bestowed on you.
We are living in a high technology world and enjoying the best thing of life. Have you thought how much hard work, dedication and sacrifices people had to make to build this world beautiful and livable? Is it not our sacred duty to pay back something to this world, this humanity and this society? Have we ever thought on that line? We all should think on that line and in whatever small way we can we all must contribute to the society. The clock is ticking and time is running fast. We have to think and act on this fast and quickly. Time will not wait for us. Remember all the birthdays we celebrate, we only come closer to the death by one more year.
So time is running fast and lot of things has to be done. Let us do it today, let us do it now.


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