Thursday, July 10, 2014


One of the ways by which you can add your quota to the development of the nation, environment or the world at large is to be problem solving oriented.

For you to be able to solve problem, you must recognise or identify at least a problem of the society or environment and consequently have the capacity of solving it

To be problem solving oriented is to look for how things or conditions can be improved on or how to create entirely new things or conditions that will make things better for mankind.

To be problem solving oriented doesn't mean you should not have fun when there is need for it but fun seeking should not be one's main objective or goal in life.

Problem solvers around the world are inventors, innovators and leaders.
The main key to being a problem solver is continuous self development and learning.
You should never feel hesitated to learn.
A problem solver learns from even a fool.
And a good leaner will never be adamant to correction.

Your earning ability depends greatly on your learning ability or how far you have learned.
The greater you learn, the more you earn
A problem solver should realise that life never stop teaching, so he shouldn't stop learning.

Fun seeker sees problem in most opportunities but problem solvers see opportunities in every problem.
Problem solvers are people that enjoy the good things of life at the end, this is because they didn't make fun seeking a goal in the first place.

“Life isn't a bed of roses” they say.
Life is harder for the rich than for the poor but the poor thinks its vice versa. Its hard for the poor to become rich but it harder for the rich to stay and remain rich or richer.
That the rich are living in mansions and riding luxurious cars doesn't mean life is easy for them, it takes hardwork to achieve that feat and it will take more hardwork to remain that way or be better.

To be a problem solver, you need to be creative, logical in reasoning and vast in knowledge.

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola

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