Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Just try to brainstorm and you felt you had just found a solution to a problem and probably an innovation or invention to be, then go and research about it.
Then you will find out that your innovation or invention to be had been invented decades ago, and uptill now, it may not have reached your darling country, Nigeria.

I was in this shoes sometimes ago.
I thought I had discovered an invention/innovation but when I researched about it, I realized it has been existing long time ago in the developed countries but uptill today, it has not reached Nigeria.
This is an evidence that Africans think too, but the problem is OUR THOUGHT ARE OBSOLETE. Someone else has had our thought so many years ago. Why won't our thought be obsolete when our facilities are out of date. What we see in the real life is what we use to think. Seeing innovations in movies is not enough, we need to see these things in the real life.

The developed countries are ahead of us in everything, even in thinking. And they will continue to be ahead unless drastic measures are taking and changing of our mindset over some issues is effected too

In banking, ATMs and ATM cards have been existing right from the 80's, we all knew when it got to our country, as late as possible, we waited for so long.

In Automobile, electric cars are not new in the developed countries, we all know how strange it would be to an average Nigerian when he sees it. Do we even have electricity to power them? We don't have electricity to power our little appliances at home, let alone a car. This is where priority comes into play. Electricity before electric car and not electric car before electricity.

In oil and gas, pay at the pump technology had spread all over in the developed countries like an outbreak but in Nigeria, the only outbreak we can get is probably lassa fever, ebola fever, terrorism or the likes.

There are so many innovations like that in all area of human endeavours in the developed countries that are not here.
The bitter truth is until we set our priorities right we won't get the latest technology or innovation as soon as possible and this will consequently affect our thinking.

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Author: Aladegorioye Adesola

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