Friday, July 18, 2014


Presently, there are three lights in the world. They were formed and created as time passes by from the day of old to the modern day. With the newest depending on the previous and the previous depending on the oldest.

In fact, no matter how modern the world has emerged, the oldest light of the world is just as important as the newly created light of the world. But as the world move from the old times to the new time, the old light was no longer enough to give the world light. So there was need to create another light in order to supplement the effort of the former.
In a nutshell, the three light of the world from the oldest to the newest are;
1. Sunlight (Light from the sun)
2. Electricity (Power)
3. Internet

In the religious books ( Bible and Quran) we were meant to understand that in the beginning after God created heaven and earth, the next thing He created was light and this is the light from the sun or simply sunlight.
He said and I quote “Let there be light and there was light”
He said this even before creating man i.e the creation of light was before the creation of man. This shows how important light is.
A Nation like Nigeria that is still deprived of light by the government has a long way to go.

When man saw and reasoned that, sunlight is limited in power, it doesn't give light at night. Then man began to think that there was need to create something that gives light at night aside the local lamps, then the research into electricity began. Later man realised that electricity could power appliances as well.
Unlike sunlight which is natural or God made, electricity is man made

Even though internet is not light in the real sense, its importance can be likened to the importance of light, so we may classify it as light as well. In this modern day, I don't think one can go a day without using the internet.
The means of communication and transferring of document and files has become cumbersome overtime, so there was the need to create internet to ease this problem.

So this is the right order
Sunlight -- Electricity -- Internet

But in countries like Nigeria, this order is not the case.
Fine, we have sunlight, but Nigeria want to have internet before electricity. Just as they want to have money before knowledge.
Its so sad that our leaders have misplaced the priorities of our dear country.
How can a country enjoy internet without electricity. Or will a man that has no food on his table think about electricity or internet?
Our leaders has placed what is supposed to be in number 3 in number 1 and what is supposed to be in number 1 in number 3.
Its so sad!

Now we are looking forward to the emergence of the fourth light of the world. Or will the third light be the last light before rapture?
While we wait for the invention of the next light, we hope that a Nigerian or an african will begin work on it. But how can we create the fourth light when we are still in darkness?

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola

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