Friday, August 15, 2014


If you want to know life, you have to live life, if you want to live life, you have to interact and if u want to interact you have to keep the communication going.

You need to communicate before you can get the money that you think it keeps you going.
Through communication, you learn new things, you meet new people, you get jobs, you get new contracts, e.t.c

If you are not communicating then you are dying.

Communication is a great deal of human existence.
Living in mansions and riding luxurious cars wouldn't be fun if there is no communication

One of the greatest satisfaction in life is when you are talking and someone is listening, equally, someone is talking and you are listening. This is simply known as communicating.

Because the importance of communication could not be swept under the carpet, that was why problem solvers invent the phones and innovator brought other ways of communicating like skypes, vibes, bbm voice, e.t.c. thank God for internet.
We had to shift from the archaic and cumbersome style of communicating which is letter posting and Co. Though letter posting is still in use but it is gradually being replaced with e-mails (gmail, yahoomail, e.t.c)

Infact, communication is directly proportional to success, the more your success, the more you communicate.
If you want to know how lack of communication hurts, just assume your phone didn't ring for a couple of days and equally you weren't able to call people. Believe you me, at this point of your life, you would assume you are the most dejected person in the world.

And what do we do when we communicate?

We speak the WORD when we communicate

And the bible says in John 1:1 & 3 that

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made”

God created the world with simply the WORD

Also in Genesis, God had to provide Adam with Eve because Adam needed someone to talk to.
This means that, when you get married, you get people (your wife and children) to communicate with but when you are successful, you get more people (world) to communicate with.

The two illustrations from the bible depicts that we communicate to CREATE and we communicate to INTERACT as well

In summary, the more the people you communicate with, the farther you go in life, the better we communicate the better we will go because COMMUNICATION KEEPS US GOING

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph
Twitter: @insights9792
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