Sunday, August 31, 2014


You may be wondering and asking that; Is there any other light other than the conventional light that we used to know? I will answer you, Yes, there is, it is called EDUCATION, and it is the light of the nation.

A nation cannot be united and be in one accord unless large percentage of the population has the real education or undergone it.

Being able to read and write the nation's language is one of the fundamentals of education. Once you have this, your learning never stops, you keep learning at every moment of your life.

You are limited in what you can learn without education but you learn continuously with education because there is no end to learning and there is no limit to assimilation.
The world keeps changing every moment and its only through education that you can catch up and learn about the changes that are taken place.
If you don't move with time, the world will leave you behind.

For example with the advent of smartphones, tablets, e.t.c. without education, you will not be able to cross the boundary between a simple cellphone to a more sophisticated smartphone or tablet Complacency will be the favourite vocabulary people describe you with because you will be too pleased with the simple cellphone that cannot even access the internet (one of the light of the world).

Education is divided into three main parts, namely;
1. School Education
2. Self Education
3. Public Education

This involves going to school to learn.
This is where the fundamental principle of education is imbibe i.e how to read and write.
This is the foundation where other part of education (i.e self and public education) is being built.
The forms of school education are;
* Primary education
* Secondary education
* Tertiary education
We all know what these three things are

This is an education gotten out of school. Here, you discover and learn things on your own. It involves self discovery and rediscovery.
Self education also complement the effort of school education.
You will know a lot of things here, like the difference between being successful and being rich, what life is really all about, your purpose in life, e.t.c.

As the name implies, this is the education that we get in the public as a result of relating with people, environment and nature.

Among the three parts of education, the teacher is common to all.
In school education; you have teachers, in self education; you are your teacher, in public education; people, environment and nature teach you.

Undergoing the three parts of education gives you a complete education.
Education helps us to learn, unlearn and relearn.
The main objective of getting education is to acquire knowledge in which prosperity may follow afterwards.

A nation that has good numbers of her citizen that had undergone the three parts of education is AN ENLIGHTENED NATION

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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