Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Nigeria has gotten to that deplorable state that we import almost everything and we export just crude oil. Would such an economy be profitable? I don't think so

There are some resources that we have overlooked overtime and we think they are irrelevant. The resources are Land and Labour. Even in economics, they are referred to as factors of production. The only resources that my people know is money! What a shame

We have vast area of Land but all that our government do to the fertile land is to build houses that nobody is inhabiting at the end just because the masses could not afford them.
How can they afford them when a large junk of the population are petty traders and motorcycle riders

Nigeria have these great advantage over other African countries, this advantage is population. And the population is the Labour we are talking about here.
Even if the populace are uneducated, a wise government will know where to employ these people.

If we need high number of skilled worker and large capital which we lack, to tap our solid minerals, I think we have enough capital and enough skilled worker to tap into the agricultural resources.

Instead of importing green peas, sweet corn, sardine, geisha, e.t.c. why don't we start a farming program and employ our teeming youth into producing these things right here in our backyard.

Instead of importing all these for consumption, we can now start producing ourselves and then exporting some to other countries.
This will in turn boost our economy.

In summary, its high time we started being a producing nation and not just a consuming nation. So I implore our government to look into utilizing our population (labour) and land for the growth and development of this nation. BECAUSE WE HAVE THEM ALL (LABOUR AND LAND), BUT WE WASTE THEM ALL

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola

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