Saturday, September 6, 2014

ANALOGY OF LIFE - Lessons from football

Just as the football is unreasonable to some people, to others like me, its entirely reasonable. So many lessons about life can be learnt here practically.

Infact, football may be likened to life itself. Its not a coincidence that its always written on the screen as LIVE when its been played.
We can make analogy of life from the game of football especially the football league.
Below are some lessons and correlation between the football league and life itself.

1. UNCERTAINTIES: Just as you can't predict tomorrow in real life, u cannot predict the outcome (scoreline) of a football match.
If the book makers had known this, that the match outcomes are uncertain, they would have declined from placing bets

2. RIVALRIES : Just as there are rivalries in our day to day life, there are also rivalries among the football clubs and the respective fans.
You can imagine the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona or Manchester United and Liverpool

3. SUCCESS CLIMAX: There is this kind good feeling that comes up when we about to succeed in life, such feelings also exist in football, among the fans when a team is just about to score a goal in a match.

I'm not incorrect to say that everybody wants to succeed. In football leagues, teams with lower success record or teams with persistent failure don't have much fans as the successful ones, you can't compare the number of Manchester United fans or Chelsea fans with that of Fulham or westbrom, its incomparable.
Also in life, people that are not successful in life are not reckon with in the society but successful people have a lot of people around them. They are hardly lonely and bored. They are constantly attending to one person or the other.

No matter the amount of trophies a club has won, they are not tired of getting more, they don't even care whether there is one team somewhere that needs just one trophy.
So also in life, the successful people are not tired of success, they want more. They will only help you if only and only if helping you is going to add to their success or glory.

6. COMPETITIVENESS: Just as wining the trophy is very competitive in a football league, being successful in real life is really competitive and hard, its the survival of the fittest. I always say its harder for the rich to be richer than for the poor to become rich, yet the rich are getting richer despite this hardship.

Just as the rich clubs keep winning the trophy each year, on the other side, the poor clubs keep relegating to the lower division unless drastic action takes place e.g buying of the club by rich entrepreneurs.
Also in the real, the rich people keep enjoying the good things of life while the poor don't have things to enjoy except the hope they console themselves with.

These are the few lessons I have in stock for now. You may have others, I don't mind you telling me.
As we travails the football of life, may we move from rich to richer and not from poor from poorer.

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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