Sunday, September 28, 2014


Life is lived in stages and phases. And the kind of life lived in a previous stage/phase will determine the quality of life lived in the next stage/phase.

Its a fact that those stages and phases can only and should be lived once. Even life is its self can only be lived once.
Just as its been said that “any opportunity lost can never be regained”
Life offers each and everyone of us different
opportunities and once an opportunity is lost, it's gone forever

Up till today some people still regret that they didn't maximize the use of their past life (life in school, life during youth, life in work, e.t.c)

When some reach their old age, they will begin to wonder how they have really spent their life up to that moment.
They would not understand it because they have nothing to show for the life spent.

Haven known that life is a one chance thing, should there be room for waste of time at any point in life? Or should there be under-utilization of any phase or stage of the life?
Its absolutely no!

In phases, whether its childhood, youthfulness, adulthood or old age, they are all one chance thing, none can be repeated. Though, the life spent in childhood is beyond our control. But there is a choice in anything done beyond childhood.

And in stages, whether, its school life, work life, married life, retirement, e.t.c. they are all one chance thing and none should be repeated.

There are some that have lived these phases and stages and have maximize its use. While there are others who had lived and under-utilize its use.
Those that maximize the use are those that impact to the world and those that under utilize the use are those that do the opposite.

So if you are a student, read your books; if you are on job, do it judiciously; if you are on work, do it with all your heart; if you are an apprentice, obey your boss; if you are married, be faithful to your partner, if you are a believer, love and praise God wholeheartedly while still here, for the bible says in Psalm 115:17 that “The dead praise not the Lord...” e.t.c
At the end, you will regret a bad lived life but you and every other people will be proud of your rightly lived life.

In summary, every opportunity we find ourselves is a special moment of our life, don't look down on it, maximize its use because life is lived just once, its a one chance thing.

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola

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