Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WHAT REALLY BRING US JOY - A lifetime timeline

Its the desire of everybody to be happy at any time 't' , but life is in phases and its lived in stages, so the same thing cannot bring us joy all the time

At cradle, beginning from the milk that ooze out of the nipples of our mothers to simply toys would make us happy.
And as we began to grow, simple things like watching cartoon networks - by the ajebutters (Nigerian Pidgin English); playing soccer with friends, riding our favourite bicycle, doing the popular games and dances in the street by the ajepakos (Nigerian Pidgin English) would bring them joy.
In those times, the days of the evil have not yet come. Just as the most distributed and highest sold book put it in Ecclesiastes 12:1

“ the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come...”

In these faithful days we didn't care about being rich or being poor. All we cared about were our cartoons, toys, bicycles, balls, e.t.c

As we began to grow and increase in knowledge, we began to realise that life was more than those things we cared about.
This time, we started thinking about our grades in school.
Good grades bring joy to brilliant students, bad grades deprive other children from christmas clothes.

Grades kept being our source of joy till adulthood. Offcourse bad grades would made the tender in heart cry.

Just as you were about to leave school, the term 'job' crept in to your mind. Then you had this enthusiasm that 'you want to start earning money' money, the only thing that everybody loves.
At this moment, people from a very rich background wouldn't think anything has changed but people from poor background would think his/her problem is solved. What a shallow thinking!
Here, our source of joy is 'the job' and 'the money' it would bring.
At this junction, we began to care about being rich and not being poor, offcourse nobody wants to be poor.

After getting the job and the salaries are coming in as expected, we needed something else to bring us joy. We need a wife/husband, car and house. Then we begin to find all these until we get them.

As we grew older, we needed something else to bring us joy aside wife, car and house. This time, we need children. Then we had children and even grand children.
At this stage, what else could bring us joy when we have had all.
The joy of our children is our joy at this stage of our life which is definitely the last stage.
No other phase to go than the phase of the great beyond.

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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