Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Its a pity that Africa and poverty are synonymous. When you talked about Africa, you meant poverty, and when you talked about poverty, you meant Africa.

But now, its like the trend is changing in some nations perspective but not in Nigeria perspective.

This bring me to the life of the Nigerians that aspire to become great or to impart worldwide. I'm sorry to say, the Nigeria factor is a deterrent to such aspiration. Your impart will not go beyond the Nigeria or Africa realm.
Your greatness can only go beyond boundaries if your nation is great.

On this note, I will like to call the self acclaimed rich Nigerian politicians that are living extravagantly amidst the numerous poor masses, having stolen wealth of this nation.
As long as Nigeria is still referred to as a poor country, you are all poor as well regardless of your ill gotten wealth.
Until we solve the international reputation and status of our country, it will continue to affect and haunt the individuals of this country
Fine, they will be called rich, but it would be only in their backyard here in Nigeria or Africa and not in the world scene.
Our politicians have never reasoned this way, otherwise they would have developed this nation.

Today, an average American is rich just because the country is rich while an average Nigerian is poor just because the country is poor.

Its not enough to be one the highest exporter of crude oil, that will only make the nation rich if the country utilize the money efficiently and effectively.
We need good roads to be rich
We need rural and urban modern infrastructure to be rich.
We need state of the art facilities in our school and hospitals to be rich
We need substantial equal income among the public workers.
We need constant, stable and quality electricity to be rich

We need these and many others to become rich in the real sense and not just in the figures (40 billion dollars of oil sold in the first quarter) and in the news (Nigeria has become the country with the highest economy in Africa) that scroll on our TV screens and the dailies.

THE PARAMOUNT WEALTH IS THE WEALTH OF THE NATION and not the individual wealth gotten from corruption.
The only individual wealth that can lead to nation greatness is the individual wealth gotten from entrepreneurship.

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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