Friday, October 24, 2014


Right from the cradle, humanity has been in a race, which I will call the perpetual race. The race may also be likened to a rat race. A favourite line from Bob Marley says, “Oh! What a disgrace to see the human race in a rat race”

Our parent that were educated, rich and succesful thought education had made them rich and successful so they put the child in school to be like them someday.
Parent that are not educated and not rich also believed that education will make people rich and successful. Infact they believed lack of it (education) caused their predicament (lack of wealth and success) so they put their child in school as well.

While the children were in school, those that are not doing well in their studies felt that if they didn't finish well with good grades, they might end up not getting a good job, which will not make them get the promised wealth and success. So they dropped out of school to seek something else for riches and success.

For those that were still in school, some finished well and some didn't.
Then they begin to look for jobs because they have been told that when they get job, they will be rich and successful.

After getting the lucrative job, they were so happy and glad that they concluded “after so many years in school, riches and success has finally come”
But not long enough, they realised they are not indeed rich and the much awaited success has not yet come.

Afterwards, people begin to tell them they will be successful when they get married and their children will bring riches to them when they are grown up.
So they got married and started breeding children.

Not little long they realized that marriage has not brought them success and having children is not success too, its merely stress.
Though they still look up to the riches the children would bring

Then they began to look else where for success, then they hear people say house will bring them success.
So they began to struggle to build one.
They built one eventually. After exhausting the joy of a new house. They still felt that the new house has not brought them success.

Now, the children have grown up, so they were expecting the riches from them. But it was so unfortunate that they didn't get them. The parents were deeply disappointed but they didn't give up, they have somewhere else look at.

Luckily for the parents, they are government workers. So they are entitled to gratuity. With a meagre amount coming from the salary due to the installmental refund of loan for house, car and children education.
Gratuity is the next point of call now.

Its now time for the gratuity to come.
Before its arrival, so much brainwork had been going on by the parent, how to use the money wisely.
So when it comes, the parent use the money to complete the unfinished house, do some renovation to the house, settle some family members that helped during the hard times.
In a blink of an eye the gratuity is off.
What is left for the parent now is the epileptic monthly meagre pension that could not even afford the inflated prices of goods and services in the country.

Now, no more hope the parent is aged, death is constantly knocking at the door.

This is how the average people live their live . They live life in a perpetual race. Looking for success and riches where it cannot be found all the days of their life.

If they had known that riches or wealth is gotten in success and success is “knowing one's purpose in life, growing to reach one's maximum potential and sowing the seed that benefit others” they wouldn't have been in this kind of perpetual race.

Just going to school is not enough. The question is; What kind of knowledge did you get?
Getting just a job is not enough. The question is; What kind of job do you do?
Doing just wedding is not enough. The question is; which type of marriage do you want to embark on?
Buying just a car is not enough. The question is; What kind of car did you buy?
Building just a house is not enough. The question is; what kind of house did you build?

Please think about all these things!

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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