Saturday, October 11, 2014


Who would have succeeded without learning? I guess your answer is as good as mine.
To every milestone and achievement in the world, someone or group has learned something somewhere to achieve that feat.

If we are patient and observant enough, there is atleast something to be learnt in any stage or phase of life that we find ourselves.
And to anything learnt, something is acquired. What is acquired is knowledge.
And to every knowledge gained, a reward is given. This is nature in action.
Learning is a prerequisite to knowledge and knowledge is a prerequisite to upliftment which is the reward.

Knowledge shape the human mind and the quality of human mind in a specific region shape the nation.
The student learn in the school from their teachers, the apprentice learn in their workshop from their masters, babies learn from their parent and siblings, citizens/followers learn from the leaders e.t.c.
The quality of the knowledge of whom is teaching you will determine the quality of what is learnt by you

Whoever is not learning is not growing up and whoever is not growing up is not improving.
Growing old is compulsory but growing up is optional. We grow old if we wish or not but we can only grow up if we wish.

Learning begins right from the cradle until grave. At the beginning, we learn from what the parent has learnt till we get to school and begin to learn something else.

At cradle, we learn how to speak the mother tongue; in school, we learn how to read and write (we also learn about the job there); in job we learn how to do the work; in marriage, we learn how to breed children, e.t.c
In short, life is all about learning

Without learning, discovery of the planets and other celestial bodies wouldn't have been possible. Without learning, the various invention and innovation that we have today wouldn't have been possible.
In fact, innovation, invention and discoveries today are continuous just because learning is continuous.

If you ask me why Nigeria is not inventing, I will say its because we are not learning in the real sense or the quality of our learning is too low. We are only growing old and not growing up because you grow up after you have learned or learned well

So, in every phase or stage of life will find ourselves, let's try to learn because learning promotes life.

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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