Saturday, October 18, 2014

THE VALUE OF A MAN - A lifetime chronology

As I had earlier written in my former writer-up “WHAT BRING US JOY”. The value of a man is also a function of time.
The value of our life depends on the stage or phase we find ourselves. And it builds up through the stages and phases of life as we climb up the ladder of greatness .I talked about stages and phases of life in my other write-up “ITS A ONE CHANCE THING”

At cradle, when we were born, the value of our life depends on the beauty of the child and the background of the child, whether the parent are rich or poor.
Its so common in our society that the people give preference to a more beautiful child, in this regard, a light in complexion child.
At this stage, your value is embedded in your beauty as a child and the status of your parent.
This is where the value and the ego of the child starts building up.

When the child begins school, his value may appreciate or depreciate here a little. It all depends on the results of his school activities and performance.
Its a very big boost for any child that performs in the classroom and equally in the school activities.
The performance in the classroom is the grade that ensue from the report sheet.

From the primary education uptill the tertiary education, the grade and the participation of man in school activities will continue to add to man's value

But immediately a man leaves school something else will start adding value to him. This time his value is a function of the salary from his job or the revenue from his work. (You can learn more on job/work in another write-up of mine titled “DOING JOB IS NOT ENOUGH”
A person that has accumulated a bigger value will not opt for a job that pays low and A person that has not accumulated enough value will not be paid high.

As you continue to be on job or work, the things that increase your value are self development, possession and position

Along the line in the chronology, there are some vital things that add to the value of a man. They are, honesty, trustworthiness, attitude, confidence, eloquence e.t.c.
Just like catalyst in chemistry, these are catalyst that speed up the amount of value added to a person as he moves up the ladder of greatness.

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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