Friday, November 21, 2014


Humanity generally is blessed with so much intelligence and knowledge but Nigeria has refused to take her share in these infinite resources or they have used these intelligence and knowledge in the wrong ways

Wisdom is gotten from God. Should we say we have not seek God enough to get wisdom?
While knowledge is gotten from learning. Should we say we have not learnt enough to get knowledge?

How long shall we continue to enrich the western world and the so called the developed countries?

How can we develop if our import is far greater than our export
Instead of solving our problem ourselves, some people elsewhere are always there to take advantage of us.

From transportation to power and from power to other sectors, Nigeria has been providing wealth for other nations.

In transportation, the so called Okada which had wasted so many lives and drastically reduced our life expectancy has been source of income to some countries.
There is widespread of Okada in the country due to the poor transportation system.

Also in power generation, almost every household in Nigeria now has atleast a generator. The generators are also imported from other nations. Both the average and the rich Nigeria will say, “if government cannot provide power, they will provide for themselves”
These generators are source of air and noise pollution in our environment.
In a densely populated areas, some people have died from the fumes of the generators popularly called “I better pass my neighbour”

There is another development in town, they call it power banks. These are used to power mobile phones.
So there is generator for the home and power bank for the phone.

Though the generators and the okadas have provided some jobs but imagine the quality of jobs people will do if we have constant power supply and good transport system.

Nigeria will not cease from being a developing nation if we don't stop creating wealth for other nations.
Its hightime Nigeria started solving her problem by herself.

Author: Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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