Monday, November 3, 2014


There are so many problems ravaging the economy of Africa at large and Nigeria in particular but the three I'm about to list cannot be underrated.

Truth must be told, Africans lack ideas, if not so, we would have been participating in the unending inventions and innovations of the world.
Also, the little that have ideas don't have access to funds in order to bring their ideas into reality.
And lastly, those that get funds use the funds in wrong ways.
Lack of Ideas, poor access to fund and misuse of fund
Those are just the three ravagers of our economy.
Let me expartiate a little bit.

As long as the country lacks modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, power, e.t.c and as long as we don't reasoned as problem solvers, we will continue to lack ideas.
Mere seeing these inventions and innovations in movies is not enough. We need to see these things physically for ourselves on our streets and environment and equally have good knowledge of them. We really need that exposure.
In order to make a succeeding invention or innovation, there must be a proper and good knowledge of the preceding invention or innovation.
So as long as we don't have good knowledge of former invention, we can never be a partaker of later invention.
Uptill now, we don't have pay at the pump technology in our country.

The most distributed and highest sold book in the world says in Ecclesiastes 10:19 that

“Money answereth all things”

If we want to grow, funds should be readily available for the few that has the idea in order to carry out research.
Can you imagine that the research into pay at the pump technology was funded to the tune of 3 million dollars in the early 80's, that's a large sum of money.
Some politicians in this country have that amount in their custody today which is not supposed to be so. Money is a means to an end for God sake.

This is very rampant in our society, we are fond of misusing the legal tender which is relatively scarce by default. A person that is funded to carry out research may divert the fund elsewhere and leave the research in jeopardy.
Its high time we stopped spending exorbitant sum of money on things like anniversary, funerals, e.t.c. These are not adding any value to the country.
There are so many people with good ideas that is short of funds. These ideas may only come into reality if they are properly funded.
In summary, the government has a lot to do in these areas.
A visionary government will provide her citizen with good and affordable education, up to date infrastructure and amenities in order to boost the knowledge-base of the citizen and give them ideas.
Also, funds must be readily available to carry out research and implement projects
And lastly, people funded should be monitored so that funds intended to be used for research is strictly used for it.

The growth of this nation depends on you and I, so be active.

Author : Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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