Friday, February 27, 2015


Most times when we go for shopping, we normally get different prices from the different stores for the same product but of different quality.
Most often, the product with lower price tag is of a low quality to that of the higher price.

Also, in life we all have our price tags too, Some with a low price tags and some with high price tags.
Our price tag is a reflection of who we are and it consequently tell people how we should be approached.
It also determines the opportunities that comes to us.

Your present price tag is determined from the accumulation of your past stage/phase of life e.g childhood, school stage, youth age, single life phase, etc
Your price tag is also a function of your background.

The price tag determines our choices.
Your price tag determines where you go and who to associate with. And who you associate with will either inhibit your growth or make you grow.

All these accumulate and determines your reputation. And the best time to be concern about your reputation is when you have not gotten one, when you have not gotten into limelight.
In the football world, Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi seriously worked on their price tags so many years ago and today they have incredibly outrageous price tags.

Just as it is very difficult to become a child and grow again, the same way it is very difficult to change your price tag when you are old.

Unless drastic actions are taken believe me, your price tag will not increase.
But the moment you are aware of your price tag, you are already on your way in increasing its value.

Author: Aladegoriye Adesola Joseph

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