Thursday, March 12, 2015

RESTRAINTS - Blessings in disguise

With my little years spent on earth, I have found out that nothing can inhibit or stop one's success if one is determined to succeed.
I mean if you have really made up your mind to succeed. In this world that we live in, I have seen the fatherless succeed, likewise the uneducated succeed as well.

 So many people have been restrained in one way or the other at a certain point in their life. Some have been restrained right from their childhood, others when they are grown up. But I can assure you that these restraints are blessings in disguise. Those who reach the top naturally face adversity.

 Just some few years after you were born, you lost your father. You thereby grew up not knowing your father, the breadwinner of the house. Your unemployed mother then single-handedly raised you from the pennies she got from doing menial jobs and petty trading. You know what that kind of upbringing would look like. Automatically, you have been deprived in some ways

 Or maybe your level of education is low. It might not even pass the secondary level.But do you think high level of education gurantee success? Hell no, it does not. There are so many things that are restraining so many people out there, but if only they look inward, these are their stepping stones to greatness.

 I don't know the category you belong, but I can assure you that you have not lost neither have you failed, just as John C. Maxwell wrote in his book that "sometime we win, sometime we learn and not lose" He also wrote that "failure is not failure unless we don't learn from it.

 Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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