Friday, May 29, 2015

DILEMMA - A State Inevitable to all

The questions, should I? or should I not? have been asked by ourself to ourself several times in our life time.

Almost everybody in life have been at one or more crossroads. This were critical points in our life where sensitive decisions took place.
At those points, we could infer that we were at the state of dilemma.
Some of the decisions have yielded positives and some have yielded negatives.

Everybody in the world has one time or severally been in a confused state. A state of confusion whether to go rightway or leftway. There is always a general myth about doing anything related with the left. But attimes going the left might just mean going the right way and thats all what you need.
Moving right might mean moving backward and moving left might mean moving forward.
Not all things labelled black are bad and not all things labelled white are good

 Your state of dilemma might mean you dont know who to choose between two people as a life partner.

Another person's state of dilemma might mean whether to take up a job or to continue his/her education

Yet other people state of dilemma could just be mere joining or not joining a group.

Another state of dilemma could just be at a point of accident and you are confused whether to swerve into the drainage or hit the boy crossing.
Hitting the boy could save your life but kill a soul and swerving into into the drainage could save the boy but amputate you. This is a crossroad and a state of dilemma, I must tell you.

There are so many state of dilemma that we cannot write them all.

While a state of dilemma is inevitable to all. The decision you took at that state will always give you just a result; a positive or negative result, a good or better result, a progression or retardation.

The conclusion of the matter is, since we can't do without being in a state of dilemma, then we can't do without being in a positive or negative condition. Life itself is full of uncertainties. We cannot tell how tommorrow would look like.

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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