Friday, May 1, 2015


Only microscopic few know what life is really all about.
Almost everyone have a misconception of it.

Life is not a bed of roses, they say. But alot of people think life is the opposite.
Majority believe that a time will come later in their life when life becomes easy. I bet you that is a big fat lie. That day will never come. Good life is never an easy life. Its not a mere coincidence when theyt say nothing good comes easy.
Life gets harder as you grow up irrepective of the condition of your purse.
In as much as you can't become a kid again, then life can't get easier. Life don't get easier, we only become stronger.

Life may only seem easy when you were a kid. This were the times when you will sleep on the chair and wake up in bed or when you will be served delicious meals without knowing how the food came about.

So an adult that still believes life is easy for some people may be liken to a kid.
Infact, life from cradle to grave is war.
The poor have seen nothing, the rich have seen hell. Life is harder for the rich than the poor but the poor think its the other way round. Its hard to become rich, but its harder to stay and remain rich. Acquire a car this year, soon there would be need to buy another better car in order to maintain the status quo or to make ends meet.

The rich sleep less and the poor has more time in his disposal; the rich toil but the poor play. Now tell me how life is easier for the rich.
Just as the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, you will not experience what another person you envied experiences untill you are in the same situation with them.
You will not experience the rigour of a work untill you are employed, you don't get involve in matrimony rancour untill you get married,  e.t.c.

In summary, just because life is hard doesn't mean that life isn't good. Life is good for those that understand what life really is. LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES.

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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