Saturday, June 13, 2015


Don't get carried away

By the world's sway
Whether on street or on your way
Life is not a bed of roses, they say

I'm yet to find he who succeeds without hardwork
It's the survival of the fittest in New York
Even the birds also work hard, ask the hawk
Life is more than living like a duck

Don't get carried away, my brother
Though this is not an order
But I tell you, for you not to wonder
How your mates succeed beyond younder

Parties everywhere
How to get carried away is gotten there
Libraries nowhere
The secret of life, is written here

Party holders had pains you don't know
While you merry and don't grow
Life is too short to keep sleeping with hoe
Don't get carried away if I must shout like owl

Life should be lived with seriousness
Else, may be shortlived by carelessness
Because I have seen many die with senselessness
A life that could be prolonged with carefulness

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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