Saturday, June 27, 2015


The dead end is in inevitable, as we all proclaimed

Putting all our incredible works to an end, I'm pained
We came from somewhere, some have claimed
They all going some place others have aimed

What we are told is not enough conviction
From what we read we can do a little deduction
But thank God for salvation
We would have been in an eternal illusion

We are born to live and live to die
There is no place to hide
From this impending tide
You can't escape this regardless what you ascribe

Diverse religion with different belief
As numerous as different type of leaf
Death is certain, I can't be deceived
With my knowledge of it, I'm not relieved

God is almighty as my pastor says
No one can ever find out his ways
He is the maker of the world and the days
He reside in the space even with the sun rays

The dead end is sure for everyone
I always say this is the only truth for anyone
If you want to escape it, you better not be born by no one
The dead end is real, can you whisper this to someone

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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