Tuesday, June 30, 2015


In the mud we played
In the creche they play

With sands all over our clothes
With toys in their hands

On the mat we slept
On the bed they sleep
While we had nightmares
They have dreams

We learnt how to keep malice
In our yard
They learn how to pray
In their living room

I have found a dream killer
It lies in your environment
Where you cherished to play the game
Where you think they don't hate

My environment is my place
His environment is his people
With them, he do the riddle
And their face is without wrinkle

Polygamy was mine
Monogamy was his
Who succeed the most
The environment can tell

Though God can break any barrier
The environment is also a carrier
To the future you view
After God has made a review

Just as the environment is a dream killer
It is also a dream builder
We can make a choice
Whether to be with the killers or the builders

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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