Saturday, June 20, 2015


Long time ago
In the street of Soweto

There was an invasion of the white
And we thought everything would be bright

But it was the opposite
That was the greatest mistake we posit
Thinking bringing strangers to our itinerary
Would give us fortune extraordinary

We believed slavery was the worst criminal
In the land of Africa
But was not
Brainwashing was hot

Oh Africa, my people were brainwashed
It was the mechanism that has been watched
On their black and white screen
Though, in black race, it has not been seen

They gave us what we didn't need
Then we turned on to unecessary greed
Also told us what we are not supposed to hear
And finally made us to err

They told us we are developing
And that they were developed
Now we know that we are all growing
But in this mechanism, we have been enveloped

Our home is no longer our pride
Where we are brought up, we are proud to hide
Their nations, everyone aspire to ride
Their enviable position, we didn't know its a difficult stride

My fellow Africans
Its hightime we removed our brains from cans
And put our continent in high ranks
From our inexhaustible idea tanks

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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