Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Aside change, there is another thing constant in life, I call it the perpetual three. They are always side by side. Life itself is divided into these three.

Eventhough life is lived in the perpetual now or perpetual today, yesterday and tomorrow is still important.

A used today is called yesterday and a today to come is called tomorrow.
From the above, we can infer that today is the most important.

As I have written above, life can be lived only in the perpetual today.
You can only forsee tomorrow and remember yesterday, so no fruitful activity can happen there.
Your yesterday and tomorrow is highly dependent on your today.

A series of used today forms the work of Historians and series of today to come form the works of Astrologers
We should all mind what we do today for they will soon become history and we should make preparations today for a better future.

 The summary of the matter is; in as much as the perpetual three are always side by side and important. It is imperative to know that one is extremely important than the other two. Today is the most important, life is lived here.
Yestaday and tomorrow can be series of days but today can only be just one.
Live responsibly today to have a good yesterday and make good plans today to have a better tomorrow.

"They say, if you want a glimpse of the future, just look behind you, I used to think that was bollocks. Now I realize, you can't outrun the past" - Fast and Furious 7

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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