Saturday, June 6, 2015


In the elementary biology, we got a glimpse of what symbiosis really means.

In life generally, this symbiosis exist. It balances life itself and it exist between the rich and the poor. Its either you are rich or poor, there is no in between

A rich man is someone that has HIGH cashflow ( inflow of income and outflow of expenditure) per time. The positive difference of your cashflow makes you richer.
While a poor man is someone with low cash flow per time.
A negative difference of your cashflow makes you poorer.

The rich man is dependent on the poor while the poor lives on the rich, ask me how

For example, the poor man's child goes to school established by a rich man. So the poor man pays school fees that sustains the rich man. In return, the rich man gives education to the child of the poor

Another example is, a rich man that established a gas station, the poor patronize him.
The rich man in return render the service of supply of petrol and petroleum products to the poor.

Yet another example is the banking industry. The rich owns the bank, but they render banking services to the poor. The deposits of the poor are substantial enough to make ends meet for the rich that owns the bank.

This symbiotic relationship also exist between the developed and developing countries

To be sincere and frank, the rich people makes money not from the fellow rich people but from the poor. The rich in return sustain the life of the poor.

The summary of the matter is ; without the rich there would't be the poor and without the poor there would't be the rich.
The poor pay their hard earned money to the rich in return for goods and services.

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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