Tuesday, June 9, 2015


First of all, I would like you to thank God that you are not amputated.
You may continue after that. A yoruba adage says "oju loro wa" meaning conversation is meaningful when you meet face to face. How can you converse face to face when you are not walking?

As soon as walk stops or deficient, work also stop or deficient.
That is why as soon as you get to old age, earning becomes deficient.

In the days of old before the advent or improvement in science and technology. All movement were made by legs to any destination.
l'm stressing the importance of mobility and not movement with legs

The great business men or rich men of this word are the most mobile people in the world.
The high relevance of mobility cause the invention of different machinery of movement like horse and cart, bicycle, cars, airplane, ships, e.t.c.

 The importance of mobility cannot be overemphasized. Infact mobility is as important as communication, because without being mobile its difficult to communicate (unless you want your communication should be around the same people)
That guy has your contact but doesn't call you. He doesn't call you because he doesn't see you. (Forget about skype video call, e.t.c)  "Out of sight is out of mind"

The conclusion of the matter is that; if you are not mobile, you may not earn. The more mobile you are, the more your earning ability.
If you still have your legs, thank God for your life. If you have a car, you have an edge. If you have a private jet, I'm speechless.

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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