Monday, July 13, 2015


I wish to move round the globe

To see how people cope
This dream is gigantic
As big as the arctic

But what I've found out
In this little world of mine
That I have revolve
Just as the revolver

What is found here
Is also found there
So, from Nigeria
I percieve what happens in Argentina.

While there is oppression and liberty here
There is also oppression and liberty there
People die & give birth here
It is also the same over there

But while we are all in same world
We are also in different worlds
While he lives in pain and agony
I live in happiness and tranquility

Agony is a world
Tranquility is another
While he lives in abject poverty
I live in extreme wealth

Poverty is a world
Wealth is another world
While I live in health
He lives in sickness

Health is a world
Sickness is another
While I'm in the class learning
He's on the street hawking

 The class is a world
The street is another world
While I'm in the church
He's in the shrine

The church is a world
The shrine is another
While I'm at home
He's in the prison

The home is a world
The prison is another world
You are just priviledged to be in a better world
Lets not mock those who are in unfortunate worlds

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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