Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Humans are selfish by default
They find every means to defraud

It’s like they are not at fault
Because its already in the blood

They always want to be served first
Among the rest
This is not the best
But they don’t know it yet

This “I” syndrome
Will never yield them an income
They need a better reform
To take them from this platform

The meat seller is selfish
With those that sell fish
By 100% they have gained
And their customers have been drained

 Selfishness abound at home
You want to take over your brother’s abode
And live in the family house alone
So you think your sin will be atoned

Selfishness also lies at work
Even with those that hawk
You always want to be the boss favourite
And you know this is not alright

It also reside in politics
You want to empty the nation’s treasury
And go without injury
And without the judgment of the jury

When I checked here and there
I realized selfish people are everywhere
If we can put this behind us
The World will be a better place for us all

Aladegorioye Adesola Joseph

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