Monday, August 31, 2015


He broke my heart
With a piercing sword

He unseat my hat
With a red hot rod

His voice was sweet
During the courtship
But in this street
We end our friendship

The citizens wail and cry
Once again, the politicians has broken their heart
All the promises in the manifestoes
They have failed to fulfill as we foretold

They say the manifesto is not the bible or Koran
That it can be changed and slaughtered like a ram
During the campaigns they were on their kneels
But now we only see them on the wheels

His parents broke his heart
They promised to take him to Harvard
His choice his parents has deprived
Now they blame him of no job

The congregations weep and moan
Pastor has squandered the offerings
Yes, their fragile and tender heart
Has also been broken

Heart breaks lie here and there
In church and relationship
In politics and at home

And others that are not revealed here

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