Sunday, March 27, 2016


Our eyes are swollen
From weeping and mourning

Of those that should be reaping
The fruits from their planting

Who will come to human aid
When will we stop dying of HIV & AIDS
The doctors are hopeless in these days
Who will put an end to the death that we hate

We are tired of mourning the teenagers
Building casket for the achievers
Digging graves for the leaders
And attending a funeral of the dreamers

I don't want to loose a friend to a plane crash
And I don't want my child to die of skin rash
Loosing a loved one to death is a thrash
God will give eternal life, so hope is not dashed

God is the creator of the last invention
Where the dead shall rise again and live forever in a mansion
An everlasting life that had been promised since creation
And you shall not die again of ammunition

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