Thursday, September 1, 2016


I don't think we got all we have by our mere effort
To be in possession of all sort

Is more than what we thought
From the well of divine provision, we had bought

It is not the buying and selling you used to know
It is the well of provision you didn't sow
Its supplies takes you from now till tomorrow
And you get them graciously in a row

An hardworking man's salary won't be meagre
If it takes just effort to earn fatter
A mediocre won't be at the top of the ladder
If it takes just knowledge to be a leader

The Lord blesses whom he deem fit to bless
He provides for those that seem helpless
Easing the meek from unnecessary mess
And granting them an unending greatness

Though we get some things by our determination
There are others we get that beat our imagination
These are things that take us to our destination
They come with results as confirmation

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