Monday, September 26, 2016


Are you living according to others dictate
Do you go about your business as your friends speculate

If you don't want a life that you hate
Live your life to God taste

Don't live to impress
Live to express
Then you will be on the podium to address
The extra ordinary United Nation congress

You came to the world as an entity
And you were given an identity
Don't live your life as nonentity
And don't dash out your heavenly royalty

There's no need to copy others
Live your life and prosper beyond borders
What your neighbour did, you don't need to bother
All you need to excel is to follow God orders

There's no need to ponder
How your neighbour excel beyond yonder
Your own success will come in turn as wonder
And it will be their time to be under

Don't listen to what they say
If you don't want to be their prey
Live your life till your hair turns grey
And you will never ever go astray

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