Sunday, September 18, 2016


Who can see the future at sight?
Even when the seer divine all night

The Lord still show His might
And fulfil a future that is so bright

Your future might have been seen as evil
And your ego might have been belittled
These are only works from the devil
A promising future you have been given

Obama became president despite being black
When he was a child, nobody ever thought that
He did a two term tenure back to back
And left a trail of indelible mark

If the rich knew from the cradle
That he would be wealthy and able
He would have never been hardworking
And probably in future, had become nothing

If the poor knew from childhood
That he would be wretched and humbled
He would have never been lazy
And probably in future, had become classy

Does hard work makes one wealthy?
Or laziness put one in poverty?
This assumption is only earthy
Only God has the answer in the heavenly

Nobody knows tomorrow
We all pray we don't see sorrow
Life without God is hollow
May He bestow us a great future to follow

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