Thursday, September 29, 2016


Are you playing your part
To make the world a state of the art

Are you continuously working
To stop the erroneous child hawking

An orphan is at your abode
Do you make him feel at home
Or you made him feel dejected
Worried and feel neglected

Your nation is highly corrupt
Do you want more of it to erupt
As if it is not enough
In this mess we are engulfed

Your nation is without electricity
And swimming in mediocrity
What have you done to make it a bygone
But you want proliferation of gun

The good we look forward to is near
The change we want is here
It begins with your household
Because that's where you have your stronghold

You can correct the defect
And be an hero with immediate effect
And your name will be written in gold
Like great leaders of old

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