Tuesday, September 13, 2016


There is always something you can't afford
No matter the cash you have on board

Even if you have gotten all the heavenly reward
You still can't buy the world

He who has, want to have more
He who has not, want an open door
Want is a necessity for the rich and the poor
We all got something we want to adore

Who said he has money enough
Should solve the life problem he is engulfed
Life is not smooth but rough
It is not easy but tough

Who said he has money adequate
Should buy himself everlasting life certificate
And exclude himself from life truncate
Oops, eternal life is free to taste

The rich have but they still want more money
More than those they keep as company
So the rich don't have it enough, isn't that funny?
We are all in for a long money journey

And all trapped in unending human want
That is why we are all in unending money hunt
When you work for money, don't listen to their taunt
Because life is just all about what we amount

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