Monday, October 3, 2016


Now you are young
And can correct your wrong

You are strong
And can easily get along

This is when you have strength
And a time you have not lost your scent
A time you can conquer
Your adversaries at the counter

Now is when you can be the best
Among the teeming rest
Its now you can be the superior
Among them all

Now is when you can compete
And be the winner at ease
Its now you can walk your way to the top
And be in everyday people's talk

A time will come when your hair goes grey
And you can't even go to church and pray
A time that you can no more climb the stairs
And be at the veranda to stare

So now is the time
To earn the dime
And do the work with vigour
That comes with rigour

Life is finite
It spans through day and night
Human days are numbered
Live it to be remembered

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