Friday, October 14, 2016


All humans are in a journey
I mean all and sundry

If you are not in a hurry
Your road will lead to honey

We all want to travel
And enter a safe haven
Two roads we have been given
One to hell and other to heaven

Don't travel on the broad road
The road less travelled lies gold
This is where you pass through and you are bold
Don't say you were not told

Do the act naturally
That's the road less travelled actually
Then you achieve your aim gradually
Weekly, monthly or annually

If you want to excel
And want your life to end well
Don't go by the broad route that leads to hell
That is where people stumbled and fell

Do not go by the path that has a way
Instead, open up a way and leave a trail
And humanity will build on your trail a rail
And on the rail everyone would trade

Choose to go by the road less travelled
Where there is hope for the disabled
Where great mysteries are unravelled
And where awful future is annulled

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