Sunday, October 30, 2016


What have you sacrificed today
It took Bolt some sacrifices to win the 4 by 100m relay

If you want to be that person that you wished
There are certain things you must abolish

If you really want to succeed
Others speed, you must exceed
If you want the world spice
There is something to sacrifice

The resource is little and scanty
So among us all, it won't be handy
Just few get to the top
Even though many hop

There is something you must let go
If you really want to get the gold
You must forgo excess sleep
If you really want to get a quantum leap

How would you rise
If you have not paid its price
Because, what you bargain
Is what you attain

Learn how to make sacrifices
Then you will meet up the prices
Which has been placed on life achievement
That gives you satisfaction and fulfilment

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