Saturday, December 3, 2016


Why did you give up?
Who says you cannot succeed?

When there's no recipe
Nor prerequisites, for success

Yes, you have a humble background
But that does not mean
You will forever be on the ground
I have seen such succeed

Yes, you are a sinner
But what matter most
Is what you do in the inner
I have seen such succeed

Yes, you dropped out of school
But education is not a criteria
To succeed exceedingly
I have seen such succeed

Yes, you are physically challenged
If only the battle of life
Can be fought with hands
I have seen such succeed

He whose father is rich is without a home
A saint in the city lives around hopelessly
The educated cannot even feed himself
And the able man drags his feet around the street

So, what do you lack?
It cannot stop you
From getting to the destination
That you utmost desire

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