Sunday, December 18, 2016


Success is in you
It is not some distance far away

Whether you are in New York
Or in the village to hawk

Yes, you are in search of greener pasture
But you will succeed if you remain as pastor
It doesn't matter where you reside
Or whatever you profess

The farmer is in the village excelling
While the graduate is in a rat race in the city
Success is not place bound
It lies anywhere there are just people

You have come this far
In search of what you think is some distance far away
In search of luxury you think reside in Washington
But it stays where you are coming from

Success is not the skill you don't have
It is that small dexterity you have got
Its not the qualities you don't possess
It is that small attribute you have acquired

If only your eyes can be opened
And see for yourself where success lies
That it's never beyond your eyes can view
And never beyond your arms can reach

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