Monday, December 26, 2016


In this world, you don't have a duplicate
So, why do you think there's someone you need to replicate

You were created not to imitate
Live your life, so, between you and him, they will differentiate

If you can't marry the same wife
Why do you want to live same life
If you have different heights
Why do you want to put on clothes of same size

If you are from different towns
Why do you want to live as same clowns
If you are from different heritage
Why do you want to build the same cottage

We all have our differences
Reason why we should have differ preferences
If life comes with different influences
Then why should we have same occurrences

There is no other you in the universe
Just as the oceans and the rivers
You have got skills that is diverse
And in only you it is immersed

Why not take the courage
And pull the leverage
Then jump out of the average
And do the uncommon thing in this age

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