Sunday, January 8, 2017


Yea, I'm some years older
In the church I have become an elder

I can see adulthood beckon
My family, is who I now reckon

My time is now synonymous to money
If I don't come home with cash, it won't be funny
And if I don't earn money one day
It would be as if I'm on the sick bay

On the highway, we run helter skelter
Just to provide our household a shelter
In the workplace, we are continually drilled
Just to provide our children with their perpetual meal

We live our life from pay cheque to pay cheque
Though this has always put us into check
It doesn't make us break doors at night
This is where some others show their might

The life we live as adult
I don't know where it will result
We are always afraid of today's sorrow
Living as if we will not go to grave tomorrow

When I realize what it takes to just feed
Then I appreciate what my mother did to me as a kid
For how long will I save to get luxury
With the penny I earn from the quarry

Welcome to adulthood
Where things on other side of the divide seem good
Where you are always on the rat race
Where you want to keep up with the world's pace

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