Friday, January 20, 2017


From the cradle to grave
Human life has not been a bed of roses

We run around to make ends meet
Moving from pillar to post for our needs

Your destiny lies in the hand of your parent
Your genetic make up, is their patent
They come before you to pave the way
They struggle and never give up for one day

Your destiny lies in the hand of your peer
With them you share and eat with cheer
Not knowing, for you, they never have a good intent
But you forge ahead and never relent

Your destiny lies in the hand of your work
While you are in the office, others job is to hawk
It dictates whether you will be in luxury
Or live in penury

Your destiny lies in your hands
For it is you that choose and make your plans
From your heart you make earthly desire
Consciously or unconsciously your desire, you acquire

Your destiny lies with the Almighty
In your life He has done the great and the mighty
He does what is beyond your power
And He rains blessing on you like shower

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