Thursday, February 2, 2017


Yes, you are yet to get a job
Despite applying for all the vacancies on the board

You have got all the qualifications
But you were never given the obligations

Yes, you are yet to get a partner
And you want to quickly be a father
You have searched beyond here and further
And even gone across the border

Yes, you are yet to build a house
But for now, you can only afford a blouse
Rome was not built a day
The sacrifices, you must pay

Yes, you are yet to buy a car
And you want to drive to the bar
You have saved all your penny
But you think it may take forever to buy any

Now, you have not gotten your wish
This doesn't mean you have been bewitched
Your need will be provided in due course
And you will be wonderfully reimburse

Your case is not the worst
You are better than someone up north
You may be on the street wandering
But somebody else is at home hungry

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