Sunday, July 30, 2017

About happiness...words on the marble

Money will buy you all things but not happiness

Being happy is doing what you like and liking what you do.
You can be happy if you chose to be.
Poverty or affluence is never a requirement for happiness or unhappiness.
The price for happiness is not a billion dollar or whatever, it is just contentment.
The source of your happiness is not something far away in the distant, it is something nearby within your reach and grasp.
If you are not happy with the economy you fly today, you can't be happy with the first class that you have the possibility of flying tomorrow.

The first step in getting happiness is desiring what you really need and not what someone else (a neighbour next door or a friend) has got. And fully knowing that no amount of money will solve all your problem.
If money solves problems, then the rich would live forever.
Solutions solve problems and not money. Money without a clue to solution is meaningless.
A wealthily contented man will be successful.

In the midst of adversities, be happy. Your ever smiling or seemingly rich friend has pain you don't know, but you will never see him cry.

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