Sunday, July 30, 2017

About the mind...words on the marble

Your mind is a gold mine, a fortune...nothing is as expensive as it.

Your creator speaks through you, and He speaks through your mind, to generations and generations unborn.
Your thought can't be as foolish as not touching any life. Your thought and words of advice touches millions of souls, healing their wounds and setting them free from shackles of life.
Just as there is no limit to assimilation, the reserve of your mind can never be exhausted.
The more you exploit it, the more the treasures to be exploited.
You might chose to ignore any opinion if it's not in conformity with your own.
Ignoring the opinion of anyone is a sign that you have a mind of your own and not 'too know' or whatever.
Not all things should be taken hook, line & sinker, not even this piece that you have just read.

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