Sunday, July 30, 2017

About money...words on the marble

If you don't want work to kill you, then poverty will kill you.

Wealth doesn't start and ends with riding a luxurious car or living in a mansion. Wealth starts from earning the money you spend. Or simply put, spending less than you earn. A poor man spends more than he earns. What you are given won't make you wealthy except what you earn. You won't only be poor but miserable if you don't earn the money you spend. And until you start earning, you won't know the value of money.
If you think more money than you earn will make you wealthy, then you will never be wealthy.
Because more money is not an enough money. Your hope to be satisfied with more money will lead to greed. And life will only satisfy your need and not your greed.
Don't go for what you cannot afford in the first place because all that you can afford is all that you need at that particular point in time. You don't need what you can't afford. If you have the money to buy a car, but you don't have the money to keep it running, then you can't afford the car. You will end up selling it to buy what you need.
Money is a means to an end. If you live more than your means, then you will have problem with money.

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