Tuesday, August 1, 2017

About education... Words on the marble

Don't tell me that you go to school, SHOW IT.

I always tell people that your certificate is not in your hand but in your head.
Not everyone that goes to school are really educated.
While wealth liberates you from poverty, education liberates you from foolishness.
Though the source of wealth is not taught in school, otherwise all graduates would be millionaires. A truly educated person gathers much knowledge just enough to create him wealth or give him a living that is above average.
Remember, how to create wealth is not taught in school, so he must have learnt that somewhere else.
Education gives you ability to continuously update your brain.
You easily get along with the trends of life.
Mere graduating from a school doesn't make you educated. Education is continuous. You keep learning new things till you are six feet under.
An illiterate or someone who lacks knowledge is stuck in a particular phase of life.
His brain lacks the ability to comprehend the present state of things in his environs or the world at large.
The ability in you to continuously gain knowledge or easily comprehend advances in things around you or the world at large makes you learned.
Being learned or educated doesn't mean bagging all the degrees of this world. It is mere being able to learn more or increase in knowledge.

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