Wednesday, August 9, 2017

About job...words on the marble

There is no future in any job, the future lies in the person holding the job.

You can be at one time work in a multinational like shell and still end up being a poor man.
You can also be one time an hawker or a petty trader, but end up being successful.
The future lies in you and not the  sumptuous or the poor job you are offered.
I always say, let your work kill you, else poverty will kill you.
A job is a job. Whether it pays you peanut or mammoth amount, it doesn't matter.
If you work because of money, you won't last on any job.
No job pays you as much money as you want.
Though your job should pay for your needs.
As I have previously said, your needs are your necessities that you can afford.
Anything you can't afford at a moment, you don't need it at that particular moment.

If its a job that you don't like, that's a more reason to turn down the offer. You will never perform brilliantly on a job that you don't like. And if you don't perform brilliantly, how do you want to be excellent. And if you are not excellent, how do you want to be successful.
If job is fun, you won't mind doing it 24/7 a day.

Your job pays you according to your value.
The more valuable you are, the more you are paid.

Do your job well and cherish it.
The job that you detest so much, a lot of people can't wait to replace you in that position.

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